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Welcome to the official Bill Burke, 8-string guitarist web site. A prolific tap-style player, Bill is recognized as a “wildly gifted musician” and "new master of the 8-string guitar”.

Bill plays the 8-string guitar in a manner similar to piano, enabling him to play multiple parts at the same time. His refreshingly original compositions feature captivating melodies over layered rhythms - highly infused with flavors of place, time and travel.


Check out these great collages of original artwork by Mark Reginald Wonderghost set to Bill's music!

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excerpts from One
...[the Bill Burke Trio] cooks like a master chef with driving percussion and Burke's exceptionally melodic leads
-- both in his rubbery bass lines and circular guitar parts. It's jazzy enough to appeal to jazz fans
but "One" also has enough punch and power to connect with rockers."
- Dave Richards, Erie Times-News  
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